BOUNCE BACK (500g – 1Kg)


Specially formulated natural blend prepared from roasted millets, cereals, pulses, nuts and spices to enhance the flavor, bioavailability of esily digestable proteins, multivitamins and minerals. It boosts the immunity and increase BMR, HDL and reduces LDL. It comes with no preservatives and no artificial colours.

Rich in vitamins and minerals. Boosts immunity and metabolism, Increses HDL and reduces LDL . Increses cognitive function, slows down ageing. It has protective effect against degenerative diseases. Contains SDS hence RBS will be in control. Moringa acts as nerve tonic.

Pour 1.5 cups(150ml) of warm water or milk in a bowl. Scoop 3-4tbsp(45-50) of Bounce back mix and stir. Ensure lumps do not form. Boil for 2 min to make it into porridge. No nee to add jaggery or salt. The dry fruits and sprouts in the mix have them naturally.


1kg, 500g


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